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Marques Roberts is an author, motivational speaker, inspirational blogger, and Healthcare Professional that aims to promote, challenge, and motivate people to progress in all aspects of life by maximizing every opportunity through utilizing all accessible resources, while faithfully praying and relying on God to do what “only He can do after you’ve done all you can”….because it is possible. He teaches that the flame in the pit of your stomach is not by mistake and acting on it turns it into a burning passion. Originally from Luling, Texas, Marques developed the focus and attitude for success and achievement at an early age as he excelled in academics and athletics. As a decorated high school athlete and an accomplished wide receiver for Baylor University’s football team, Marques was able to see his dedication and leadership qualities manifest as he received various accolades including Team Captain and Offensive MVP of the 2004-2005 season. At the 2016 Cerner Health Conference Marques presented Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s Change Management story to over 600 Healthcare Professional’s and was selected as a top presenter by his peers amongst a week full of presentations and other entertainment. Marques brings to the table his God-anointed passion for inspiring others, his business acumen from his professional work and graduate studies, and life experiences, both personal and those borrowed from those he’s influenced or have influenced him as he evangelizes his personal mantra, HeadDownPushing. HeadDownPushing is a metaphor that begs…and answers…the question, What is your message?

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