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It is with my most sincere thanks that I write to you expressing my belief that you have been a catalystfor lifting us to the next level of our spiritual and emotional development in Louise ISD. You inspired me, our faculty, parents and students with your words of wisdom. You are greatly appreciated and cannot know the legacy that you are building. Sewing the seeds of commitment, hard work, dedication, leading the way, and building your team up coupled with humility and vulnerability makes for a heart stirring combination. Thank you for being a strong voice for our community and spreading a message of hope and success through committed action.

-Dr. Garth Oliver

Superintendent, Louise ISD

It is my pleasure to recommend Marques as a motivational speaker for your event.It was clear Marques’ motivating words stayed with the Bel Inizio’s women long after the Kick- Off. After Marques’ speech, Bel Inizio had record-breaking attendance from our clients. For the first two weeks of our program, I had to turn women away because Bel Inizio was at our maximum capacity. Marques helped Bel Inizio’s program reach out to more women than ever before by candidly motivating our clients to take control of their lives and strive for success.

-Theresa Strong

Executive Director, Bel Inizio

Your presentation was instrumental in helping us help our students to realize their full potential. The “HeadDownPushing” principles of patience, faith, willingness, accountability, humility, courage, focus, and consistency reaffirmed that our students’ lives aren’t what others define them to be but what they make of their own lives. In addition to your message, your delivery of the message was engaging. Sitting and listening is no easy feat for most teenagers, however, there was not one moment while you were speaking that a student had to be re-directed. It was quite the opposite, as students’ heads nodded with agreement, recognition, and AHA moments.

-Michelle DeAnda,

Principal, St. Gerards Catholic School

-Maricela Blaylock,

Librarian, St. gerards Catholic School

Thank you for participating and sharing your knowledge. We know that this took extra care and skill to adapt your presentation to this style of delivery. We had great feedback on your presentation. We are extremely grateful that you came out, we look forward for you to come out next year.

-Kerry Lampkin,

Founder Kingdom Explosion Entertainment


#HeadDownPushing, to me, means not giving up in life to continue to follow Gods steps no matter how hard life brings you down. God will be there, but you have to believe and trust in him. I'm a single mother going to school and working a full time job (night shift). It's tough not having a normal life like getting 8 hours of sleep, if I get lucky I can get 5. I also don't spend enough time with my kids or family like I should. I get depressed at times and want to give up!!!!!! But I know things don't come easy, but with prayer to my God and my #HeadDownPushing I will get through anything.

-Ester Rios


Marques Roberts is a former (Baylor) Bears Wide Receiver that gave the best locker room speech I remember at Baylor!

-Heath Nielsen

Former Associate Athletic Director &

Director of Athletic Media Relations


#HeadDownPushing came along for me when I needed it the most. I was in the beginning phases of my weight loss journey and already about to give up. But one day I posted one of my best cardio times ever and along with congrats Marques commented with #HeadDownPushing and it has stuck with me ever since. Now when I want to give up that's the 1st thing that comes to mind for me #HeadDownPushing. I've even posted it on my walls along with my other motivational mantras. I'm still going with my #HeadDownPushing

-Candice Satchell



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