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Roadblocks, we all face them as individuals, departments, teams, leaders, entities, etc. The problem is most of us do not know how to identify them or simply refuse to address them. That aimless cycle or broken culture will not suddenly work itself without you being intentional about changing your circumstances. Marques deploys his passion, empathy, and knowledge to not only help you identify and navigate, but also empower you to establish new norms and/or restore fractured cultures. 

What Is Your Message?

What Is Your Message? In this experience Marques uses the principles of HeadDownPushing to highlight that every person has something significant to contribute to the world and that significance is transmitted in the message that we live daily. Marques tailors this signature presentation to interrupt the narrative you've accepted so  hosts, honorees, donors, general attendees, and all others are empowered by a new-founded sense of self worth, humility, & purpose in knowing their life is a message.

It is very easy to become complacent or disengaged in the workplace and the last thing an employer wants is low-morale stemming from a culture that promotes being present without being a presence. Marques teaches leadership & ownership through service & stewardship, that cultivates an environment of inclusiveness, innovation, & initiative  enabling each individual to own a role in bringing the overall vision to fruition.


As leaders we often set goals that lead individuals/teams to lose sight of purpose. Marques believes that individual goals have to be an extension of the vision/mission of the institution. Marques uses this presentation to aid leadership in being the standard their staff embodies to recreate culture.

 As youth we often look to external sources for validation due to a lack of knowledge, experience, and confidence. In this session Marques uses personal stories to connect with students to reveal the magnitude of the opportunity at hand and unbridled passion to empower them to bear the responsibility of  owning the responsibility of creating their own personal experience.

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